I think I am going to write a book

People keep suggesting it when I write something funny on Facebook, so there must be something to it, right?  Facebook never lies. Aaaaaand I my kids are back in school, so I have a bit more time during the day, if I ignore the mopping like I usually do.  I have been toying around with the idea for years and I even have a “Greatest Courses” DVD set on writing a novel.  Or something like that–I need to watch that.

If I write a book, what do you want to hear about?  A memoir? My kids’ hilarious sayings? Some sort of fiction? I have lots of ideas swirling in my head and I would love your input.

I might start posting some of what I put together here and see what you think.  This blog has been dormant, so that might be a slow process, but perhaps it will wake back up. Keep me accountable, and I will try to keep coming back online.

Happy Tuesday!


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