Thanks, snow.

You are so magical. It makes sense that you come in the winter, when the trees are bare and the world is way less good looking, so that you can cover up all the boring, lifeless gray and make it look picture-perfect.  I don’t know how add lots of white can make everything look vibrant, but it sure does.  You nailed it.

Your arrival today was particularly great, even if you came with way less gusto than originally hoped and predicted. We were supposed to go to dance: cancelled!  I was supposed to go on a long run in 25 degree temperatures: cancelled. We were supposed to run errands and probably do chores and have a regular weekend day: cancelled.  Instead, everyone slept in, stayed in pajamas, watched lots of TV and largely left each other alone, making for a delightful day of free time, vegging, and good food.  Normally that much laziness makes me feel guilty, but there you were, making it seem like the only thing I *could* reasonably do was stay inside by the fire.

Also: I’m Sorry that Evie cried and said that she hated you in the afternoon.  She was overtired and she tells me at least once a day, at some point, that it is the worst day ever.  So don’t take it personally.  Please come back.

We don’t have a shovel yet, though, so give me a few weeks.  Also, the people here in NC seem so far to be terrible snow drivers (sniff of Colorado-born superiority) so stay off the roads.

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