I will not eat refined sugar until Easter.

I will not eat *dessert* until Easter.

I will not eat dessert unless its has clear nutritional value, like chocolate-covered almonds, which are full of antioxidants and protein.

I will not eat unhealthy dessert, except on Sundays. If you completely deprive yourself you are destined to fail, right?

I will not eat unhealthy dessert during the week; cookies are sometimes necessary in social situations or to boost my professional productivity and are, therefore, not dessert.

I will not eat refined sugar that comes wrapped in packaging. Homemade dessert is a different thing. And ice cream cartons are really more like a family-style serving bowl from which you fill up your own, personal bowl–not packaging.

Snow days with children and visiting family are obvious exceptions, since you can’t be a good parent/host without providing snacks. And you can’t be expected to be snowed in and not eat all those snacks, some of which inevitably are dessert.

MI gave up TV, which we mostly just watch together. So I haven’t watched TV either. Maybe I actually gave up TV until Easter.

I am not watching TV until Easter. Except children’s shows, because the kids didn’t give up TV and sometimes they get scared of cartoon villains or I need to audit to make sure their shows are wholesome and educational.

I am not watching TV for grownups. Sports are not TV, since you could in theory be watching it live if you happened to be there. And movies, which aren’t on TV if you use another device to play them.

Best Wishes for Lent: Grab some cookies and let’s watch basketball and My Little Pony!

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